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Our Manifesto

Welcome to the maker-centric ministry era (aka #Church4)

Today, the role of the Church is one of spiritual enablement.

People are already makers of meaning, in the pursuit of their dreams. They seek the means to discern and distill their life into something sacred – even means that are digital.

Any sustainable growth in the African Methodist Episcopal, Christian Methodist Episcopal, Free Methodist, and United Methodist Churches will require diversity of discipleship.

However, Methodism in the United States is currently highly homogeneous, both in demographics and in functionality.

Therefore, the goal is not simply quality – the real goal is fitness in people’s everyday life.

We seek to move the needle in the following areas:

  1. Centering the margins – BIPOC, urban, LGBTQIA+, women, lower socio-economic classes, differently abled, etc. must be the starting point.
  2. Prioritizing church planting – Developing new types of ministries for all kinds of people with different needs of discipleship
  3. Diversifying discipleship – Beyond the worship service-centric to an “ambient ministry presence” in the everyday

We envision a world in which every life is a ministry and every person is a minister.

Our mission is to guide Methodism into maker-centric ministry futures (aka #Church4) — one warmed heart, mind, and set of hands at a time.

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